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my dad used to take my brother and me to “r-rated” movies as kids.  sometimes it was decent schlock like “slapshot” and “north dallas forty” (we loved our early peek at the female anatomy, and made sure not to mention it to our mom).  other times it was tougher stuff like “apocalypse now” and “raging bull.”  and foreign films...  we saw bergman, kubrick, truffaut, godard and fellini before we could really understand them.  soon there were cameras in hand and lots of movie-watching and dissecting...  like how the hell did orson welles pull off the opening of “touch of evil”?  and was it cool that altman tried to one-up him...  and didn’t leone kick both their asses with “once upon a time in the west”...  then it was off to northwestern university where i studied fiction writing and film, followed by some years in advertising in san francisco and boston.  and on to directing.



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